Success Stories

James from Summit Marine Scaffolding tells us his tale

This could be you

James first heard about the scaffolding pre-employment course at HMP Thorncross through some people who had previously completed the course and were out working on licence. James had never worked in scaffolding before and was keen to learn something new that would help him get an opportunity to start work. After completing the pre-employment scaffolding course he received his scaffolding labourer card. This gave James the chance to go out on site so when the opportunity arose to go for an interview and work trial with Summit Marine Scaffolding, he didn’t hesitate.


“Since the day I started I have loved working at Summit. Kev and everyone I have worked with have really looked after me and made me feel welcome. I have been taught so much working with the Supervisors, Part 2 and Part 1 lads.

It has made a huge difference to me to gain a scaffolding qualification that has enabled me to be site ready and move into an opportunity like the role I have at Summit Scaffolding.

From working in the yard and labouring several months ago to being on site in Cammel Laird, Everton’s new stadium, residential and commercials sites to the one I’m on now which is a new hospital that is being built has been amazing.

I’m working hard to become a fully qualified scaffolder. I see this as a new opportunity to start a career and I recently completed a Part 1 at Fulcrum Scaffolding Training & Safety and I’m hoping to do my Part 2 when I have gained enough experience.

It just goes to show that if you work hard and put the effort in you can do well for yourself. I’m grateful for the opportunity that Summit Scaffolding have given me alongside Fulcrum and Procure Plus. Without attending the scaffolding pre-employment course, I wouldn’t be where I am now. The scaffolding course is brilliant, and I would recommend it to anyone.”


James is a fantastic example of what can be achieved on this scheme with a supportive employer like Summit Marine Scaffolding.