Advanced and Part 2 Scaffolders

Job description

Erecting, adapting and dismantling :-
• Independent, putlog and birdcage scaffolds and static and mobile towers
• Beams to form gantries and openings, correctly braced
• Hoist frameworks and guides
• Protective fans
• Stack scaffolds
• Roof scaffolds
• Proprietary systems
• Fixing wire netting to hoist framework or scaffold framework
• Fixing sheeting to scaffold framework
• Interpreting simple design layout drawings for scaffolding detailed above
• Scaffolding to form truss-out scaffolds
• Slung scaffolds including use of lifting equipment, wire ropes, chains and shackling.
• Raking and flying shores
• Other forms of designed structures, e.g. larger truss-outs, cantilevers, lifting structures, ramps footbridges and temporary roofs
• Scaffolding or standard props (including all bracing) to form a dead shore, including adjustable bases and fork heads
• Scaffolding and proprietary systems (including levelling to within reasonable tolerances) to support formwork as laid out in engineering scaffold drawings.
• Interpreting scaffold design drawings.
• Applying knowledge of Construction Regulations to operations listed above.
• Effectively communicate with all appropriate persons inside and outside the company.

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CISRS Part 2 Card CISRS Advanced Card