Scaffolding Careers

CISRS Scaffolder


A CISRS Scaffolder is someone who holds the established trade competency for the scaffolding industry, enabling them to lead or partake erection, alteration and dismantle of scaffolding operations as covered by their training and assessment, including all basic structures and those covered in TG20.

They can also work on more complex structures, when under the direct supervision of a suitably qualified CISRS Advanced Scaffolder. They must be able to work within a gang and on most standard scaffold types and should be capable of supervising trainees and/or labourers who are gaining experience towards their certification.

In addition to erecting and dismantling scaffolds, they should be capable of setting an example to less experienced colleagues whilst ensuring that jobs are completed in a timely manner using all the resources available to them.


  • Assist the loading and unloading of company vehicles with any resources required for the project.
  • Erect, alter or dismantle scaffolding as required to specifications as instructed by the Charge Hand Scaffolder.
  • Use tools and materials safely in conjunction with the job specific Risk Assessment and Method Statement, and in accordance with recognized scaffolding standards and current practices.
  • Assist to ensure the safety of site operatives and members of the public where applicable by putting safety barriers in place and paying particular attention to others.
  • Maintain the serviceability of personal tools, PPE and other equipment as necessary.
  • Maintain knowledge, skill levels and Continual Professional Development to carry out duties effectively.

Typical day

Can vary widely depending upon location and sectors you are working in e.g., street work, civils, engineering, power stations, offshore, events.

Key skills

Scaffolders should be physically fit, have good communication skills, be punctual, organised and diligent.

Application process

Apply directly to the company or through other traditional channels such as recruitment agencies (particularly specialist construction agencies), Jobcentre Plus, the National Careers Service, Job Boards (e.g. Indeed) or via advertisements in newspapers.

CISRS Scaffolder

Expected salary

Ranges from £19,000 up to £40,000 with experience and overtime.

Qualifications required

Although formal academic qualifications are not essential, as a minimum, must hold the relevant CISRS Scaffolder certification. Good communication skills (English) and an ability to understand technical drawings and understand details such as load bearings (Maths) are useful.