Scaffolding Careers

Contracts Director


The roles of contracts and operations managers/directors are essentially the same within scaffolding, and you often find that the title someone holds is purely down to a company’s preference. This is a key role that involves supporting the Managing Director in respect of business strategy, planning and new business development. Responsible for operational efficiency and execution for their firm, managing costs, driving up profitability and delivering a quality service to clients.


The responsibilities within this role are vast! Contracts Managers have to ensure all customer enquiries and administrative paperwork follow all the procedures and processes;

  • They plan, develop and implement strategy for operational management and development to meet agreed organisational performance plans within agreed budgets and timescales.
  • Maintaining appropriate systems for measuring necessary aspects of operational management and development.
  • It is crucial for contracts directors to monitor stock levels and ensure all business vehicles are loaded and driven in a safe manner.
  • Monitor, measure and report on operational issues, opportunities and development plans and achievements within agreed formats and timescales
  • Manage and develop direct reporting staff, developing capabilities of team to support business growth and increased profitability.
  • Ensure all managers and supervisors understand all necessary aspects and needs of operational development, and liaise with staff to ensure they are fully informed of operational objectives, purposes and achievements.
  • Ensure that all financial targets are met with regards to any capital expenditure and particularly revenue cost control.
  • Contribute to the evaluation and development of operational strategy and performance in co-operation with the Managing Director and Shareholders, liaising with managers and supervisors as necessary.
  • Ensure activities meet with and integrate with requirements for health and safety, legal stipulations, environmental policies and general duty of care. Managing vehicles and drivers in line with the FORS standards.

Key skills

Strong organisational ability, commercial awareness, strong client liaison skills, project management and team leadership. They will also require an extensive understanding of the construction industry, flexibility and a talent for negotiation and all forms of communication.

Application process

The nature of this role means that it is likely to be advertised within broadsheet newspapers and bespoke job boards with executive job search. Often, candidates for these roles are identified internally through promotion.

Contracts Director

Expected salary

For an experienced member of staff the minimum expectation would be around £50,000.

Qualifications required

Experience of the industry and a track record of successful negotiations at a senior level is invaluable. Project Management qualification e.g. PRINCE 2. Degree in Economics, Business & Finance or professional accounting qualifications can be useful.