Scaffolding Careers

15. Safety Director / Safety Manager


This role is often aligned with that of the Quality Manager and if one exists, the Environment Officer/Manager. As a result, you may see this role with the acronym SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) attached to it.


The H&S Manager is responsible for the development, implementation, monitoring and review of all health & safety policies and procedures including the oversight of yard operations; ensuring the site safety by production of risk assessments and method statements, standard operating procedures (as necessary), health and safety inductions and staff training; maintaining accurate records of health and safety incident and accidents; making sure all insurance requirements pertaining to health and safety are adhered to.

Typical day

Typically, the role is office based but there will be regular site visits. On a daily basis the expectation is that the post-holder would provide advice and guidance to the contracts team, set up audit (and often inspection) schedules, the management of accident claims and the typing up of incident reports.

Key skills

Being calm, organised and methodical are vital skills for this role. Equally, the ability to articulate complex ideas and principles in comprehensible, straightforward language is invaluable. It is also useful to have a keen eye for details and a flair for report writing.

Application process

Directly to the company or through other traditional channels such as recruitment agencies (particularly specialist construction agencies), Jobcentre Plus, the National Careers Service, Job Boards (e.g. Indeed) or via advertisements in newspapers.

Safety Director / Safety Manager

Expected salary

The salary for this role ranges from £28,000 to £67,000. The wide range accounts for the varying level of responsibility and or seniority within different companies e.g. Directors would expect to be paid more than managers.

Qualifications required

CMIOSH is normally the pre-requisite, as is a thorough knowledge of the construction industry in general.