Scaffolding Careers

Scaffold Inspector (CISRS)


Scaffold inspections are the legal requirement and inspections should be conducted before first use and every 7 days thereafter. As such, not all scaffolding firms will have the position of Scaffold Inspector as a distinct (stand-alone) role. For example, the role of a scaffold inspector is NOT that of a safety officer, advisor or manager although they may be required to undertake some of these roles on occasion.


  • Carrying out scaffold inspections and producing an inspection report in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Signing/updating Scafftags
  • Liaising with the relevant Contracts Supervisor/Manager and Charge Hand Scaffolder on site and with the Site Manager where applicable to address any related issues whilst recording all relevant issues on the scaffold register.
  • Immediately reporting any major issues (such as missing ties) to the relevant Contracts Supervisor/Manager AND informing the Charge Hand of any issues.
  • If there is any serious H&S issue then the inspector will not leave the site until the relevant Supervisor/Manager has been informed of the issue on the phone and can make the correct decisions.
  • Ensuring that sufficient time is spent on each project to carry out a full inspection (and that clients’ demands for unnecessary additional time is resisted).
  • Assisting the Contracts Staff in closing out issues where necessary.

Typical day

Depending upon the employer this could be site specific or visiting many different sites and inspecting many different structures.

Key skills

  • Good organisational skills and a keen eye for detail.
  • Excellent communicator and leader/mentor.
  • Physically fit, punctual and hard working.
  • Basic computer knowledge in programs like Microsoft, IAuditor is essential and some employers may require experience with industry specific programs.

Application process

Often this role is offered through internal promotion. Alternatively, apply directly to the company or through other traditional channels such as recruitment agencies (particularly specialist construction agencies), Jobcentre Plus, the National Careers Service, Job Boards (e.g. Indeed) or via advertisements in newspapers.

Scaffold Inspector (CISRS)

Expected salary

£38,500 to £50,000.

Qualifications required

The CISRS Advanced Scaffold Inspection certificate is an expectation and to be eligible, applicants need to have extensive scaffolding industry experience and have held a CISRS Basic Scaffold Inspection Record Card for a minimum of 2 years. CISRS Scaffolders who have held their card for a minimum of 2 years and Advanced card holders will also be eligible to attend this course without initially having to attend the Basic Scaffold Inspection course.