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SHEQ Manager / Director


SHEQ is an acronym for Safety, Health, Environment and Quality. SHEQ is a technical field that applies several disciplines for continuous improvement of occupational Safety, Health, Environment and Quality factors. In some companies these responsibilities may be undertaken by a Quality Manager, Safety Manager or split across different teams.


  • Managing and maintaining company accreditations, standards, policies and procedures to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation.
  • Continuous monitoring of SHEQ performance, conducting (and preparing for) audits and inspections, recommending solutions and action plans.
  • Producing Risk Assessments and Method Statements to support and assist projects.
  • Investigating accidents, dangerous occurrences and near misses; producing reports to communicate project and business performance.

Typical day

The varied nature of this role and its responsibilities means that days are rarely typical but it is likely that there will be a combination of report writing and working on site conducting/overseeing audits and risk assessments etc.

Key skills

Being calm, organised and methodical are vital skills for this role. Equally, the ability to articulate complex ideas and principles in comprehensible, straightforward language is invaluable. It is also useful to have a keen eye for details and a talent for report writing.

Application process

Directly to the company or through other traditional channels such as recruitment agencies (particularly specialist construction agencies), Jobcentre Plus, the National Careers Service, Job Boards (e.g. Indeed) or via advertisements in newspapers.

SHEQ Manager / Director

Expected salary

Dependent upon the responsibilities within the role and its location, salaries can vary widely from £35,000 to £60,000.

Qualifications required

Relevant experience of working in the construction industry and sound working knowledge of BS OHSAS 18001, BS EN ISO 14001, BS EN ISO 9001. Excellent report writing, IT, communication and interpersonal and relationship building skills are also required.