Scaffolding Careers

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There’s so much more to scaffolding and access than you might think. Discover the wide array of exhilarating roles awaiting you in our dynamic industry.

Many people working for scaffolding and access contractors in senior management positions have risen through ‘the ranks’ because others gave them the opportunity and the NASC are passionate about developing this culture. We are invested in the culture of mentoring more staff (including scaffolders) in order to help them progress into management and support roles, irrespective of their academic achievements. It’s what they know and what they can do that matters – aptitude and attitude are probably the most essential skills in the industry.

Take a look at the job roles available. Click on the roles to find out more about each position. Please note, all of the salaries shown are purely for indicative purposes. Salary will vary depending upon regions and sectors that you work in.